Join a Sailing Club

Make Friends and Save Money!Although a sailing club is a great way to save money while doing what you love, you still want to find a program that gives you your money’s worth.Here is an example of membership benefits from one of San Francisco’s sailing programs:* Discounted Charters Rates (non-members add 50%!)
* 1/2 Price Charter Week twice annually
* Can sponsor one family or friend membership at $295
* 25% Discount on Sailing Instruction
* 10% Discount on Charters & Activities.
* Half Day Rates for Boats on Weekdays
* Discounts on Caribbean Sailing Vacations
* Free company sailing T-Shirts or Hats
* Club Members may Charter Boats until 5:00 a.m. the Following Day at No Extra Cost
* Free Night Boarding on two-day chartersAs you can see, the membership can pay for itself even if you only go out a few times a month. Even if you only go out a couple times a month, you’ll already be saving money. But again, it will be worth your time to research the different types of memberships so you can be sure to find the best fit for you.If you’re interested in becoming certified, you will want a program that will give you the best discounts on certification and instruction. These can be expensive, but they’re worth the expense if you’re serious about getting certified.If you’ve been sailing a while, you’ll want to look for a membership that offers the best discounts on chartering, whether you’re going out for the day or bare boating. These tend to be less expensive than the beginners’ memberships since they don’t offer training discounts, so if you’re certified and looking for a cost-effective sailing option, you will want to consider a club membership.Beyond the mere financial incentives, the real reward of joining a sailing club is sharing a passion with others who also love sailing. You can join a crew for some serious sailing or just swap stories and share your love of sailing.

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